Cold Cases: Regus

Regus is the first setting for my Cold Cases RPG system. Like the Core Rules, it is formatted to fit into an old analogue tape case.

Regus is a Bronze Age world of fierce jungles and mysterious ruins, where players take on the role of ‘Petramos’ – a unique class that is part ranger, part scholar and part explorer. Regus is fully illustrated, introduces new sponsor and equipment systems to Cold Cases and features a complete new bestiary.

Rather than just mimic the low-fi aesthetic of the Core Rules, I took the opportunity to give Regus its own identity. Clearly the cover is inspired by the 1990s collaborations between the artist Roger Dean and the video game publisher Psygnosis. The old video game boxes even inspired the little white ‘tab’ on the cover, which I used to house the Cold Cases game system logo.

I am particularly pleased with the design solution for the NPC cards (one of whom, Philon, you can see below). I was keen to put a limit on the art resource I needed for the project as a whole, and using big, comic-style pull quotes that pop out from the frame was a nice way to fill the dead space.

You can download Regus for free from my DriveThru RPG page, here.

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