Render experiments

I’ve been learning more about about 3D of late. It turns out having a knowledge of photography really helps the lighting and rendering process. I’ve got a soft spot for high-saturation ring flash photography that emerged in the 1990s typified by the likes of Martin Parr. These doughnut-shaped flashes sit around the lens and produce bright images with distinctive halo shadows and distinctive circular catch-lights. I built a virtual ring flash in my virtual studio and have been producing some test renders.

CAD blobs 1 v1CAD dog 1 v1CAD pony 1 v1CAD skull 1 v1

I also took the opportunity to play with materials. I was inspired by the eye-watering colours often found on Japanese vinyl toys. These little guys often have toxic hues airbrushed all over them with lots of lovely colour transitions. Sometime they also have ‘flip tone’ paint schemes with similarly smooth, oily colour transitions.

I should point out that none of these models are mine – modeling is the next thing I want to work on more.

3 thoughts on “Render experiments

  1. heresyofus says:

    Wonderfully bright! My business partner is a render junkie and she creates 3D images of molecules and has just recently finished the alphabet of molecules. Check out her instagram account. Scicomm_studios it may be of interest and inspiration.


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