Papercraft: Strike Array

Skimmer beauty renders

Strike Array is series of papercraft vehicles. They inhabit a dystopian near-future California and are controlled by artificial intelligence.

Skimmer skin1 3D v2 final dutch copy

Skimmer skin1 v1-01 copy

▲ One of the papercraft ‘nets’. I used a combination of CAD software to design the models and create the unwraps.

Skimmer skin1 physical copy

▲ A finished machine.

There are three vehicles in the series:

Designate 78

Skimmer skin1 3D v2 final golden copy

Designate 40

Skimmer skin2 3D copy

Designate 36

Skimmer skin3 beauty copy

Skimmer graphics pasteboard v1-01 copy

▲I got really inspired by low-fi retro-tech graphics. The machines were a perfect canvas for these ‘decals’. This is the graphics pasteboard I created during the project. Not all of the designs made their way onto the models.

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