Worldbuilding and THESIS Industries

Worldbuilding is the science of creating imaginary worlds. This is something which fascinates me and I have been fortunate enough to speak on the topic on several occasions.

I work with imaginary worlds as part of my day job with Games Workshop. In addition I enjoy creating my own worlds for personal projects, and helping others to flesh theirs out.

Below is a thumbnail of a papercraft ‘worlbuilding device’. You can download the PDF, print it off, and then construct it. It will give you ideas for creating your own imaginary world.

Download the PDF here
Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 20.20.15

THESIS industries is a fictional corporation. I use it to articulate ideas about worldbuilding.

Now defunct, it existed in a Ballard-ian hinterland of late 20th century pseudo science and dubious research. Its aims were unclear, but it seems to have been involved in worldbuilding. In this respect it marketed itself to individuals and institutions with varied interests, including the paranormal, folklore, comparative religion, fringe science and Psychonautics. It is presumed that professionals in these fields have found worldbuilding a useful tool for their research. The corporation provided what it called ‘complete terragenesis’ solutions in both ‘utopian’ and ‘dystopian’ modes.


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